Legal Marketing & Advertising

IWRCF’s Legal Marketing & Advertising practice assists clients in several matters involving advertisement and marketing, including:

Main Services Provided:

  • Support in the relationship between agencies and advertisers, with the drafting and negotiation of the relevant contracts
  • Advisory and preventive support in general marketing actions (print and digital media, TV and radio) 
  • Review of advertisement materials, according to applicable laws and regulations – Intellectual Property, Copyright, Consumer Protection Code, Publicity Self-Regulation Code and CENP
  • Defense of clients’ interests with CONAR (National Council of Advertising Self-Regulation) and other competent bodies
  • Review of aspects of comparative advertisement, children’s advertisement, merchandising, brand use and other advertising modalities
  • Support in the development and carrying out of commercial campaigns (SECAP and SUSEP)
  • Training and workshops for employees
  • Legal opinions on legal marketing matters

Main Contact of the practice area